Our Vision:

Creating a caring, safe and crime-free neighbourhood

Neighbourhood – as neighbours we stand together in the campaign against crime.

Trust – we build a community of neighbours who trust one another.

Caring – we care for one another and will go the extra mile for our neighbours, including providing victim support when affected by crime.

Alert – we are alert to watch out for suspicious people and vehicles.

Positive – we work together as positive people to make a difference to the crime situation.

Action-orientated – we do not sit back, we stand up and implement actions to improve safety in our neighbourhood.

Good governance – we have a clear structure and sound strategy based on our Constitution to ensure that we achieve our goals.

Relationships – we build relationships with the Police, security companies, businesses and other role-players to mobilise people against crime.

Community involvement – we believe that crime can be eliminated if the whole community is actively involved in the fight against crime, we therefore value any inputs and suggestions on crime-related issues.

Communication – we believe in open lines of communication and will therefore use all communications methods to reach out to one another – SMS, phone, email, meetings, personal visits.

Good citizenship – as good law-abiding citizens, we promote the value of citizenship and that is the reason why we say no to crime! Prevention – we believe that crime can not only be reduced, but also prevented if we can raise our level of awareness among residents.

Safety – we believe that most types of crimes can be prevented if we practice safety ourselves.

Visibility – our strategy and actions are based on the principle of visibility, the more visible we are, the lower the crime rate.

Responsibility and ownership – while we do form partnerships with other stakeholders, we believe in taking responsibility and ownership for safety in our streets. We can outsource security to reaction companies, but safety is our own responsibility. This is our neighbourhood, we have to accept ownership for our own safety.

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