• Before connecting the LPG regulator to the gas cylinder ensure that the rubber seal on the end of the regulator is in place and is in good condition.

  • Check to make sure the hoses of your appliance is not degraded in anyway.

  • Gas heaters should be serviced at regular intervals.

  • Always make sure that the regulator is fully engaged with the cylinder valve threads and that the hand-wheel is tight. Hand tighten only. Do not use excessive force.

  • When connecting the cylinder always check for leaks by opening the cylinder valve and then apply a leak test
    or soapy water solution to the joint between the cylinder valve and the regulator.

  • When using the heater do not fully open the cylinder valve. Only open it one and a half turns to prevent the possible jamming of the cylinder valve.

  • The only way to turn off a gas heater is by closing the cylinder valve. To do this turn the cylinder valve control knob in a clockwise direction. If you find that you cannot close the cylinder valve or if the heater will not shut down, carefully wheel the heater outside and away from any flammable materials and let it burn until the cylinder is empty.

  • DO NOT ALLOW gas heaters/appliances to be operated near flammable materials e.g., Plastics, paper, cardboard, cloths, wood, fuels, other gases, etc.

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