Educate your domestic or gardener continuously by:

  • Urging them not to open the gates or doors for any strangers, emphasize any-one
  • When they are uneasy about the visitor/s, they must call you immediately or if you have a RNW radio to broadcast over the air for help.
  • Keep them informed of whom you have requested to visit the house and give them details;
    • Who the visitor/s will be
    • Which company they represent
    • What time they will be expected
    • What is the means of their visit – quotation, a repair of equipment or collection or delivery
    • Any contact numbers that can be contacted for further identification, the company, or yours or their boss’s numbers
  • Joining them up with our domestic program which we are trying to get off the ground;
    • We are trying to get a domestic program up and running for all local domestics and gardeners and urge you to come and enlist their names, contact details as well as your contact details at our OPS-room “OSCAR-1” at Ridge Gate Centre to schedule. The programme will be presented by members form the SAPS. The date and venue will be communicated as soon as we have enough interested parties listed.



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