The year 2019 has come and gone and there is little left to do but to close the chapter on another successful year for the RNW. 

It started tragically with the passing of Councillor Suzanne Clarke who succumbed to a lengthy but heroic battle with cancer. She fought the disease with the same fervour, intensity and faith with which she represented Ward 83. 

One of her great successes was the upgrading of the major substations in Kloofendal and Azalea Street as a result of which the load-shedding which we have had to contend with did not result in the catastrophic breakdowns of the electrical infrastructure that were experienced in many other Wards where the aging systems were unable to cope with the constant surges that came with the re-establishment of the power grid at the end of the numerous outages. Whilst the process of getting the grid upgraded was a difficult and inconvenient one it is now paying dividends. 

Thank you, Suzanne for everything you did for the community. You will not be forgotten We welcomed our new Ward Councillor, Dr Florence Roberts, who certainly has hit the ground running and has taken over where Suzanne Clarke left off. We look forward to a long and successful path ahead with Dr Roberts and we can assure her that the RNW will do everything it can to support her and our community. The Ops Room and our tireless staff have done incredible work in looking after all our service delivery issues and we are seeing matters attended to in record time. Thank you for being there for us and for always going the extra mile. This year the RNW has seen the revitalisation of our Patrollers due to the efforts of Martin Lombard, our new Head of Patrols. We have seen the establishment of Medical and MVA Response teams that are on standby to assist whenever needed. The number of medical emergencies in which our Medical First Responders have assisted in the last six months is truly as remarkable. To all you incredible people who do not get the recognition you deserve, this community is deeply indebted to you, and I extend our sincere gratitude on their behalf. We also have an accident standby team that goes out at all hours of the day to manage accident scenes in order to secure the area for the EMS personnel to carry out their function and to do everything they can to control traffic and prevent further accidents from taking place. In all this we are constantly supported by the various emergency services and in particular ER24 that has put a dedicated vehicle at the disposal of the Roodepoort community with a highly qualified paramedic.

Whereas crime has seen a remarkable spike throughout the country, largely due to our failing economy, we are proud to be able to say that we have successfully maintained our position as the Sector with the lowest crime in the Roodepoort area. This is no mean feat and is attributable largely to the thousands of volunteer patrol hours that are logged by our patrollers as well as the incredible support of our security companies who work closely together to fight the scourge of criminality that has taken over our country at all levels. We gratefully acknowledge the input and assistance of Absolut Security, ADT, Apcan, DMS, Dowry and National as well as the SAPS. The year ahead looks to be exciting with a number of projects set to come to fruition, leading to the further growth of the RNW. The Committee of the RNW wishes our community a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous and Crime Free New Year.


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